Money Transfers

Inbound (receiving money)
With Western Union you can receive money transfers from abroad anywhere on the island. Once the money is sent, it is generally available in minutes and paid in local currency. In some countries, your sender may have the option to make the funds available the next day.

Outbound (sending money around the world)
With newly reduced rates with your WU card, you can send money from any Western Union location in Jamaica to anywhere in the world. The Western Union network spans over 300 220 countries and terriorites with more than 1500,000 agent locations.

Intra-Island Money Transfers (send or receiving money within the country)
This service allows quick transfer and collection of funds within the island, from parish to parish.  Once the money is sent, it is available within minutes and  the money is paid in local currency.

Quick Pay
The Western Union Quick Pay service allows customers to make payment directly to accounts in Jamaica. This easy, reliable service transfers payments electronically in minutes and eliminates the time delays and multiple fees often associated with other payment methods. 

Currently, persons can pay the below bills from any Western Union location in the US:- 
- Jamaica Public Service Company
- National Water Commission 
- Lime 
- National Housing Trust 
- Student Loan Bureau
- Flow