Direct To Bank

Now you can receive money through Western Union and have it sent directly to your FGB, NCB, BNS savings or chequing accounts islandwide.
Funds can be accessed from any MultiLink ATM or used, through your debit card, at any point of sale location. SIGN UP TODAY!

Call 1-888-991-2056 or 926-2454 for more information.

Money Transfers

Inbound (receiving money)
With Western Union you can receive money transfers from abroad anywhere on the island. Once the money is sent, it is generally available in minutes and paid in local currency. In some countries, your sender may have the option to make the funds available the next day.

Outbound (sending money around the world)
With newly reduced rates with your WU card, you can send money from any Western Union location in Jamaica to anywhere in the world. The Western Union...

Western Union (WU) Card

If you want to save time, save money and earn rewards, you need a Western UnionĀ® (WU) Card.

No more filling out of forms to receive or send your transfers.
The WU card reduces transaction-processing time
The card reduces paper work by replacing customer hand written forms for sending and receiving money
The card can be used overseas at any Western Union location
Western Union customers who send money in Jamaica also earn points with their WU Card, redeemable for top-up and Western Union discounts.