Frequently Asked Questions

All customers receiving transfers below USD1999.99 us or its Jamaican equivalent must have one form of Government issued Id. For amounts of USD 2000 and above, the customer should have a second form of identification/verification document.  The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is a requirement to pick-up all receiving transfers.  This number is unique to your transaction; ensure you have this number from your sender.

Firearm permit, current utility bill (in customer’s name), current health card, motor vehicle registration, NIS.

All customers collecting transfers must provide a government issued Id along with their TRN.

Yes.  All customers receiving must provide the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), their sender’s name, where the money was sent from as well as the amount sent.

Transfers collected in Jamaica are paid only in the domestic currency. 

Western Union will only pay in the name of the receiver as displayed on the government issued Identification.

Yes.  All Western Union location are cash issued locations.  We do not pay in the form of   cheques. The only other way that money can be received is with our Direct to Bank service which sees money going directly to an NCB or BNS account. 

It is recommended that all transfers be collected within 90 days.

No. Customers can utilize our Direct to Bank (D2B) services as an alternative.  This way their money will be transferred directly to their bank accounts.

Yes. Transfers can be sent to any country where there is a Western Union location. However, there are some countries with limitations/restrictions.